At Rocky Mountain College, we want to improve your life by bringing the learning to you instead of you coming to us!  So we developed “Pathways” a distributed learning model to ROLL out our courses and programs to anyone…anywhere…anytime.  You can easily study on-line…in a group or at a RMC site…in Canada…around the world!  Our content remains the same; it’s how you access it that changes everything.  Imagine the possibilities! Now, you can improve your life through continuing education or a formal program wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you.  Pathways takes a personal approach to learning with face to face and online courses, by using lectures, videos, blogs, discussions and readings.  Pathways is about making learning accessible to anyone…anywhere…anytime.  Pathways helps remove the obstacles that hinders learning where you are.  Improve your life by developing your passions.  Improve your life and re-think Bible College with Pathways!

How to enroll in a course or a program

We start by listening to you.  This means we take the time to know what you desire to complete and then we build a plan that works with your schedule to provide you with the learning you need.  In this processes you would complete an application, we would review transfer credit and we look at any credit we can award for other experiences you’ve had.  Yes, we give credit for professional and personal experience.  We don’t want you to relearn something that you are already an expert in.  This consultation process is a simple conversation and out of that we create a learning plan that lays out how you will be able to complete your educational goals.

Pathways’ Fund

RMC has taken all of its scholarships and bursaries and combined them into one fund called the Pathways Fund.  We did this to lower the cost of tuition for all of our students.  This has assisted our student achieving their educational goals.  Now there is only one short application to complete and each student receive a reduced tuition price.

How we offer our courses

We offer our course in a number of ways that include an access friendly online platform.  We feel it is important for you to have a positive learning experience.   Our courses include the use of engaging lectures, readings and video, threaded conversations, and interactive face-to-face discussions.  The success of our student remains in their hands but we provide support that helps them to achieve their goals.  An example is our online library that is accessible by our student wherever they are.

You can take one or more course for credit or continuing education.  We have found that many of our students take one course at a time and they finish the individual course much quicker than anticipated, completing a greater number of courses then they thought possible.