IBOLT was created to provide learners with greater access to quality, standard-based Christian education with enough flexibility so that learners everywhere can manage their own learning goals. When you sign up for a single course or an entire degree through IBOLT, your earned credits are issued by Vanguard College in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Your transcript or degree will be issued by Vanguard College.

IBOLT Scholarship and Rewards are also available:

When you study with IBOLT, you have the backing of a fully accredited Christian college with over 60 years of solid and practical teaching experience. Every course you complete with IBOLT is automatically credited as a Vanguard College course.

From there, you will discover a world of transferability to over 150 ABHE accredited Bible Colleges and Seminaries in North America!

Now that’s transferability!

That’s putting you in the driver’s seat. Right where you belong.

Choosing a school is no simple matter. There are many options to be weighed and many factors to consider. At Vanguard, we want you to consider where God is leading you, as well as your giftings and passions. In our mission to Develop Innovative Spirit-filled Leaders we will stand alongside each student as they discover God’s next step in their life. We believe following God’s leading is of utmost importance and we will do all that we can to support you in your journey, no matter where He leads.

The heart of Vanguard is to disciple, equip, and train each student to reach their world. Whether in the Marketplace or the Ministry, we offer opportunities to rise up and reach out. Whether you are looking for a one year faith foundation or a four year formation of your call, prayerfully consider Vanguard College, because where you end up has a lot to do with where you star

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